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Purpose of the Foundation

The Primary Health Care Foundation was established in order to draw attention to the importance of family medicine in the general provision of medical care. The Foundation would like to strengthen and further develop the role of the family practice as a reliable provider of primary health care.

The Primary Health Care Foundation pursues the following objectives – an overview:

  • It promotes basic and continuous medical education, as well as specialist training, in family medicine, and supports research and research projects.
  • It helps develop, monitor and prepare diagnosis, treatment and health care concepts that are relevant to family medicine, with the ultimate aim of optimizing patient health care.
  • It encourages the dissemination to medical circles and the broader public of recent research results, and explains why the results are important to medicine and society.
  • It organizes conferences, seminars and congresses on topics that are relevant to family medicine.
  • It supports medical students and young doctors in the discipline of family medicine.
  • It supports the creation of national and international family medicine networks.