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Interviews mit Hausärzten zum Thema: Der Arzt als Patient - Was, wenn Hausärzte oder ihre Angehörigen selbst erkranken?

Stiftung Allgemeinmedizin - The Primary Health Care Foundation

The Primary Health Care Foundation is a practice-based initiative. Its founder, Prof. Dr. Jochen Gensichen, has devoted himself to family medicine heart and soul, and as a qualified expert he is very well acquainted with the structures – and the problems – of primary care. The Foundation sees itself as the mouthpiece and advocate of this discipline.

Family medicine concerns us all

Considered in terms of the number of family physicians that appear on German television, rushing to heal their patients and delighting viewers, family medicine is in good shape. Family physicians also enjoy the confidence of their patients in everyday life. However, the fundamental values of family medicine, such as the special nature of physician patient-relationships, are no longer held in high regard and are at risk of falling by the wayside.

The Primary Health Care Foundation primary objective is to enhance an further develop expertise in family medicine. Achieving this will require strong public support. The aim of this brochure is to provide information on the objectives of the Primary Health Care Foundation and to enlist the backing of potential supporters. It is an invitation to committed members of the public to become financial sponsors of the Primary Health Care Foundation.

We appreciate all the support you can provide.

Prof. Dr. Jochen Gensichen, Jena and Frankfurt a.M., Germany, Spring 2015